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Methods and Philosophy


About Paul:

I am a holistic, fear-free, force-free dog trainer.  I only use modern, science-based methods, never resorting to adverse methods or training tools like prong or shock collars. I develop a bond of trust and respect between pet owners and their dogs, by working WITH the dog's behavior and physiology, instead of against it.

I apprenticed with a retired military K9 trainer in 1992.  I discovered that friendly, holistic, and positive reinforcement techniques work better than fear based methods.  I am able to create a stronger bond with dogs. My clients have all agreed with this more effective, gentler, and rewarding approach.

I have been developing my methodology of Non-Force Dog Training since 1993, based on canine behavior, science, and have helped many happy clients who were at their wits ends. I continue to learn and study my craft every day. I have helped people from all over the World.



I specialize in behavior, ethiology, force-free training, exercise, bonding exercises, safety, nutrition, and severe issues such as heavy pulling, separation anxiety, insecurity, fear, reactiveness, biting, eating sheetrock, attacking house guests, just imagine the worst possible environments and I've been there helping a dog. I work with all breeds of all ages and I love when I get to work with puppies so no bad habits ever have a chance to arise and they turn into Pawesome Dogs that can go anywhere and do anything.


I believe most dogs are not aggressive, that word gets thrown around to easily. 
Some dogs certainly are assertive, nervous, and fearful and that is where training is of utmost importance to learn the behavioral triggers and reshape the dog into a more confident problem solving flexible thinker of their own with your guidance.  

I believe that a hike on a near-by nature trail beats a walk around the block any day and every form of Dry Land Mushing is Pawesome. I am concerned that 80% of America's Dogs are overweight.

Dog Training for You and Your Dogs:

Dog training is the best gift you can give to you and your dog. It creates a deep bond that will be with you your entire life together. Training should begin the very first day and be an ever evolving dance throughout your lives together. There is never a need to use force, harsh corrections, or shock collars, it is far more rewarding to train your dog for what they do right instead of disciplining them for what they do wrong. There is no end to learning how to train dogs, for all dogs are individuals as are all situations, The best way to go about training is by forming a strong base of knowledge and to expand on it every day. The ultimate goal of training is to build a relationship with your Dog so they pay attention to you in any situation.

I do mostly individual in home training and suggest as many family members attend so everyone uses the same words

So Get Outside With Your Pawesome Dog!
Which is easy and fun to do when your Dog pays attention to you and your Family and is welcomed to go with you anywhere and can do anything...!


Training is Bonding.

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